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South Lombok Dive Course

Big Course Action South Lombok…

PADI Dive Course LombokThis week in South Lombok has been absolutely crazy with a huge group of students, 16 in total. With mainly kids in the group it has took a lot of planning and organization luckily we had Kuss from Gili Air and Anh-vu from Amed come over to give us a hand. We say a big congratulation to 11 of the students for completing their PADI Open Water Courses and to the other 5 you guys did brilliantly and we all have absolute faith that you will finish the course with ease next time!! So keep your chins up. It’s been a bit of a stressful few days keeping it all together but o have we had fun jumping off the boat in the breaks, laughing, joking and some very interesting briefings with some of the naughtier kids!!

The weather has been fantastic with it only raining a little in the night and the sun shining all day. We have not spotted so much this week as we have been to focused on the training but we have seen banded sea snake, moray eels, ornate ghost pipe fish, shrimps and lots of reef fish!

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