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Diving Lombok and Diving Gili Islands Prices

Scuba diving Gili Island and Gili Air is ideal to break free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We have established our PADI 5* Dive Resort at the Villa Karang Beach Resort, 50m west of the Gili Air pier, a dive center for the relaxed diver, who’s searching for scuba diving Gili islands throughout the day together with hanging out and relaxing in the evenings.

Scuba Diving Gili Islands and Gili Air

1 day/2 boat dives980.000
3rd daytime dive490.000
1 early morning, sunset- or night dive600.000

Gili Island Diving Prices including guided boat dives (75 min./50bar), equipment, snacks & drinks on board.

Scuba Diving South Lombok (South Gilis)

Scuba diving South Lombok and Belongas Bay you’ll discover a pristine marine paradise with unspoiled reefs as well as unscathed scenery. You will still find so many sites to be explored and then after scuba diving around South Lombok you can chill out and enjoy the tropical and inviting setting of our southern Gilis.

1 boat dive750.000
1 day/2 boat dives1.350.000
3rd daytime dive500.000
1 early morning, sunset- or night dive650.000

Scuba Diving Belongas Bay

1 boat dive850.000
1 day/2 boat dives1.650.000
3rd daytime dive750.000
  • Scuba Diving South Lombok (South Gilis & Belongas Bay)...

South Lombok Diving Prices including guided boat dives (75 min./50bar), tanks, weights, snacks & drinks on board. Excluding transports and equipment.

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