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Scuba Diving Lombok and Gili Islands Rates

Scuba diving Lombok and Gili Islands diving presents a multitude of worthwhile dive sites! Therefore enjoy scuba fun well suited for all levels. Moreover, scuba diving Lombok and the Gilis are internationally recognized as an ideal spot for PADI dive courses! Also scuba diving Lombok presents an amazing variety of aquatic life. Come see hawksbill turtles, black-tip and white-tip reef sharks, bumphead parrot fish and more. Notably, scuba diving Lombok as well as Gili diving features terrific muck diving sites. Macro photography enthusiasts will love it! Also the bio-rock artificial reef is a very worthwhile dive. While Gili Islands diving you’ll find visibility between 20m-30m. This due to the more unprotected position of the Gili islands. Also at times you’ll find Gili diving with stronger currents. The result is a attention-grabbing drift dive.

Most dive shops diving Gili Islands are members of the Gili Eco Trust. Moreover the Gili Eco Trust preserves reefs encircling the Gilis. Also it provides environmental education to scuba divers diving Gilis and local community. Gili Islands diving and dive course rates are agreed upon by the Gili Eco Trust. As a result you will find nothing actually to be profited from by hunting discounts. Therefore here a superior way to go about it. Foremost enjoy the Gili Island of your choosing. Then get acquainted with the dive shops. Then consequentially arrange Gili Islands diving with the dive shop you are most comfortable with.

Scuba Diving Lombok – Gili Islands and Gili Air

1 day/2 boat dives1.080.000
3rd daytime dive540.000
1 early morning, sunset- or night dive660.000

Gili Island Diving Prices. Including guided boat dives (75 min./50bar), equipment. Snacks & drinks on board.

Download of our complete Gili Islands price list with all extras here…

Gili Islands Price List

Scuba Diving Lombok – South Gili Islands

1 boat dive750.000
1 day/2 boat dives1.350.000
3rd daytime dive500.000
1 early morning, sunset- or night dive660.000

Scuba Diving Lombok – Belongas Bay

1 boat dive850.000
1 day/2 boat dives1.650.000
3rd daytime dive750.000

South Lombok Diving Prices including guided boat dives (75 min./50bar), equipment in South Gilis), snacks & drinks on board. Excluding transports, equipment (in Belongas).

A download of our complete South Lombok price list with all extras here… 

South Lombok Price List
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