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Scuba Diving Gilis at Biorock

diving gilis biorock

Tiny little box fish diving Gili Islands

Scuba diving Gili Islands this week the sea seems to have lastly calmed down compared to our Gili diving experience of recently. For a little more than a than a week or so we had major waves, powerful currents and also visibility of 10-15 meters while diving the Gilis. Still, the scuba diving turned out fun since we simply flew across the reefs however when it was about parking the boat to offload scuba divers as well as dive equipment we encountered the challenge.

Now diving the Gilis this week it has been returning to really clear, calm water with lots of marine life around the reefs. During one of the north Gili dives with Sam, Helen, Thomas as well as Stan we visited the Gili dive site named Biorocks, diving Gili Trawangan which happens to be commonly renowned for Cuttle fish, Turtles and Bat fish. During this specific dive we spotted the littlest yellow box fish. It seemed around the size of my small finger nail, extremely cute. Typically, the little box fish are usually quite shy, hiding in the rocks and also among the coral however this tiny guy was not even close to that, he came nice and close to say howdy, beautiful photos were captured. We spent at least 5- 10 minutes on this striking fish. It certainly made our diving around Gili Trawangan worthwhile, who really needs the big stuff every time if you get to appreciate a thing so tiny yet still so gorgeous as well as filled with character. Apart from our tiny buddy we have also been meeting up with Turtles, Ribbon eels, Garden eels and Giant moray eels, and nudibranchs, while diving around the Gilis. Also very cool, a massive Stone fish hobbling across the yellow sand looking to find a pleasant peaceful place to bury himself.

Regarding the construction of the PADI dive shop on Gili Air, we now have ceramic tiles in our pool, doors as well as windows around our office and classroom. It truly is coming together very well. The target is to finish towards the end of the month, then we can take you Gili Islands diving from our brand new PADI 5* Dive Resort.

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