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Fun South Lombok Diving

It’s All Fun and Games…

South Lombok Diving FunEveryone who knows the boys here in South Lombok knows that there is never a dull moment. As you can see in the picture there have been some running races on the surface intervals with our captain Solihn coming out in front. The South Lombok/Belongas team loves chasing hammerheads, navigating the currents, swimming along the epic topography, hunting macro on the sands but the boys enjoy the social aspects of the diving community too.

This month we have had a few afternoon BBQ’s with some amazing food thanks to the kitchen staff and a few nights of beer fueled fun with the guests like Marco and Lisa who joined for a night for the boy’s antics. Also, some amazing news this month as we say congratulations to Hery as he has now made it past his training to become junior dive guide. It has been a lot of fun teaching Hery with briefings being conducted on top of tables (which he didn’t like) to improve his confidence, lots of guiding with some unruly divers (me and the boys ; ), and the rescue practice was made extra tough by the boy’s eagerness to show him how strong a panicked diver can be!

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