• Scuba Diving Sekotong...

    Scuba Diving Sekotong...

    relaxed diving and big macro fun.

    The southern Gili islands -
    Sekotong, a tropical little place with a only a few dive resorts and not much topside goings-on apart from snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. Our Lombok island dive resort is quite perfect for couples and families who just want to relax and enjoy the southern Gilis.

    Our Lombok dive sites reflect a good cross-section of what Indonesia has to offer, and Sekotong offers even the widely traveled and experienced diver a surprising and breathtaking experience. Diving Sekotong offers colorful, relaxed reef diving for all levels of training, and fun diving for families and beginners.

    If you don't dive Lombok -
    you haven't seen Indonesia!

  • Scuba Diving Belongas Bay...

    Scuba Diving Belongas Bay...

    challenging diving, big rewards.

    Scuba diving Belongas Bay, and diving "The Magnet", is where misconceptions about diving South Lombok come from. Diving the "Magnet and "Cathedral" are truly challenging Lombok dive sites and for the more experienced diver. Nevertheless, diving Belongas Bay also holds world-class dive sites for less experienced divers.

    Scuba diving Belongas Bay offers exciting, challenging "adrenalin dives" at the dive sites " The Magnet" and "The Cathedral". The seasonable sighting of schooling barracudas, tunas, and other pelagic life is fairly regular, and apart from the mobula- and eagle ray season during August and September, hammerheads have the tendency to school at the Magnet June till November.

    Experienced divers only!

Lombok Dive Sites - Sekotong


Dive Sites Sekotong

With over 3,500 species living in the Indonesian underwater world, it has one of the richest diversities of marine life to be found in the Indo-Pacific region. You can be fascinated by turtles, white tip reef sharks, cuttle fish, moray eels, frog fish, ghost pipefish and much, much more. We dive over a dozen worthwhile dive sites in Sekotong, in the following some of the more prominent ones.

Gili Renggit 4 unique and fascinating dive sites!
The east side of Gili Renggit, "Batu Putih", is an excellent site to explore for macro life. Surrounded by shrimps, ghost pipefish and glassfish, you dive along a slope lined with soft coral and feather stars. Diving "The Harbor" you can also find Blue spotted rays, cuttlefish, moray eels and a lot more!

The west side of Gili Renggit is also quite spectacular! "Pantai Batu" shows an abundance of hard coral and a fascinating stag horn coral garden in the shallows at the end of the dive. "Wave Corner" offers rare species for the macro fan! The corals are populated with nudibranc ghost pipefish and colorful shrimps. Come and see if you can find the camouflaged frogfish, lea ffish, and other amazing critters!

Stairs to Medang
Terracing down from 14m to about 35m you will experience a fascinating underwater landscape. Here you can experience the Indo-Pacific at its best. We've seen mantas, different species of sharks and plenty of lively reef fish in all colors and sizes. On top of the plateau it's not uncommon to run into lobsters and turtles.

After reaching around 16 meters on the slowly descending plateau we find landslide similar terrain. As we dive along this breakage, we are accompanied by emperor fish, big groupers and surgeon fish. The dive leads into a deeply gorging valley lined by heavy, massive coral formations. Once in the valley we find white tip reef sharks, schooling mackerel, schooling sweet lips, and an abundance of lively fish.

Lombok Diving

Relaxed reef diving in Sekotong, to challenging diving in Belongas Bay, our Lombok dive sites offer pristine reefs and abundant marine diversity. Best times for diving South Lombok you can find below…

Sekotong - here you'll find relaxed, colorful reef diving from the beginning of April until the end of December. The visibility is up to 10 to 20m in the dry season,
5 to 15m in the raining season. The currents are from nonexistent to mild, occasionally a nice drift current. Due to the rainy season, we close from January until March.

Belongas Bay - From June until October the conditions are quite rough, but it's best time for pelagic diving
with hammerheads. From November until April the conditions are fairly mild, and you'll find less challenging but still pristine diving. The visibility varies from 10 to 30m, We recommend bringing a 5mm wetsuit. The temperature averages
26C - 28C, but on "good hammerhead days" it can very well drop to 22C-25C.

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