• Diving South Gili islands...

    Diving South Gili islands...

    relaxed diving and big macro fun.

    The southern Gili islands -
    Sekotong, a tropical little place with a only a few dive resorts and not much topside goings-on apart from snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. Our Lombok island dive resorts are quite perfect for couples and families who just want to relax and enjoy the southern Gilis.

    Our South Lombok dive sites reflect a good cross-section of what Indonesia has to offer, and the southern Gilis offer even the widely traveled and experienced diver a surprising and breathtaking experience. Diving the south Gili islands offers colorful, relaxed reef diving for all levels of training, and fun diving for families and beginners.

    If you don't dive South Lombok -
    you haven't seen Indonesia!

  • Scuba Diving Belongas Bay...

    Scuba Diving Belongas Bay...

    challenging diving, big rewards.

    Scuba diving Belongas Bay, and diving "The Magnet", is where misconceptions about diving South Lombok come from. Diving the "Magnet and "Cathedral" are truly challenging Lombok dive sites and for the more experienced diver. Nevertheless, diving Belongas Bay also holds world-class dive sites for less experienced divers.

    Scuba diving Belongas Bay offers exciting, challenging "adrenalin dives" at the dive sites " The Magnet" and "The Cathedral". The seasonable sighting of schooling barracudas, tunas, and other pelagic life is fairly regular, and apart from the mobula- and eagle ray season during August and September, hammerheads have the tendency to school at the Magnet June till November.

    Experienced divers only!

Lombok Indonesia


Lombok People and History
The majority of Lombok's population is Sasak. No one really seems to know for sure where the Sasak people originate from, however, many believe that there was an influx of immigrants to Lombok from Java sometime in the 14th century. Most Sasak today practice their own local interpretation of Islam that has elements of Hinduism and indigenous Wetu Telu beliefs mixed in.

The Dutch arrived and colonized the eastern part of Lombok in the 17th century, leaving the western part of the island to the Balinese until 1894. While the Balinese ruled they put in a lot of effort into building numberless temples and water palaces,  and even today the most interesting tourist sites were built by the Balinese.

Lombok Etiquette...

Cultural etiquette has been described as the unspoken but assumed behavior that conveys politeness.

Don't  hand anything to an Indonesian with your left hand. In most Islamic countries the left hand is considered "unclean" and insulting. If this is somewhat cumbersome by having to change hands, take the time to do it anyway.

Handshaking is customary for both men and women on introduction and greeting. Indonesians will frequently touch their chest with one or both hands after shaking hands as a sign of sincerity. 

The proper way to summon someone is to use one of the Indonesian words Pak or Mas, (for men) and Bu or Mbak (for women) and make a scooping motion towards you with your hand, palm facing down. Crooking the index finger, as it is common in the West, is not polite here.

Be aware of where & how you position your feet. Exposing the sole of your feet or pointing with your foot to indicate an object is considered impolite. Shoes should be removed when entering a mosques or home. If you are unsure, just ask.

Women should avoid wearing halter tops, revealing clothes outside the tourist areas.

DiveZone Lombok

Scuba diving Lombok since 2005 we're the only dive center offering scuba diving in 2 unique South Lombok regions. Discover relaxed reef diving at the southern Gili islands around Sekotong and challenging pelagic diving at Belongas Bay.

Dive in - the diverse sea around the southern Gilis and enjoy colorful diving and plentiful macro life. Our reefs are full of bright soft corals which harbor an amazing variety of marine life, Crocodile fish, Frog fish. turtles and much more.

Diving Belongas Bay offers challenging "adrenalin dives" at the Lombok dive sites "The Magnet" and "The Cathedral". The seasonable sighting of barracudas, tunas, eagle rays and other pelagic life is fairly regular. Hammerheads have the tendency to school at the Magnet June till November.

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