• Scuba Diving Sekotong...

    Scuba Diving Sekotong...

    fun diving for all levels of training!

    The diverse underwater world around the bay of Sekotong offers relaxed diving and plentiful macro life! Our region offers an abundant marine diversity with scuba diving adventure and many new dive sites to explore!

    As the sea is fairly shallow, visibility is never crystal clear but this doesn't affect the caliber of the dive sites. Our reefs are full of bright soft corals and colourful crinoids, harboring a amazing variety of rare marine life, ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses and more.

    Searching for great scuba diving? You've found the right place! Read more...

  • Scuba Diving Belongas Bay...

    Scuba Diving Belongas Bay...

    challenging diving with big rewards!

    Scuba diving Belongas Bay the seasonable sighting of pelagic life is fairly regular. Apart from the mobula- and eagle ray season during September, hammerheads have the tendency to school around the Magnet mid June until early November.

    The Magnet (Batu Kapal)
    A pinnacle in the open sea with challenging conditions and big fish action! Schools of mackerel, rainbow runner, tuna and barracuda accompany your dive, while you are on the lookout to spot the hammerheads. White tip- and black tip reef sharks are fairly common, and on occasion we also see the one or other pelagic shark. Read more...

    Experienced divers only!

Lombok - a spicy little island next to Bali!


Lombok is the Indonesian name for chili pepper, and you'll find our spicy little island only 70km from Bali. The two islands are separated by the ecologically significant Wallace Line, separating Equatorial Asia from Marsupial Australia, marking vast and immediately noticeable changes in the flora and fauna.

Lombok lies only 375km south of the equator, and therefore you'll find a tropical climate. Days are almost universally 12 hours long; sunrise is approximately at 6:20 a.m., sunset at 6:30 p.m. depending on the time of year. The average daytime temperature is between 27° C to 30° C (80° F to 90° F). If you plan to trek onto Mt. Rinjani bring a sweater along - with 3,726 meters it is Indonesia's second highest mountain and it gets surprisingly cold up there.

Lombok's tropical monsoon climate has two distinct seasons: dry (March to October) and wet (November to March).

South Lombok - the undiscovered pearl of Lombok!

Until recently, due to its challenging reef breaks at BangkoBangko and Desert Point, south-west Lombok was only known amongst surfers. Now this paradise has also been discovered by scuba enthusiasts and vacationers searching for white beaches and relaxation.

The roads in south-west Lombok are well maintained, and the scenic drive from Mataram or Lembar is fairly relaxing. Even though the clean white sandy beaches of Sekotong are amongst the best on Lombok, you will not find many travelers on these beaches and it's still possible to take relaxing walks along the beach without meeting annoying sellers trying to sell their watches, necklaces and so on. You also can experience the underwater paradise by snorkelling near one of the many small islands in the bay of Sekotong.

The local people in south-west Lombok haven't been influenced by mass tourism and are very friendly, sometimes curios. The language spoken is "Bahasa Indonesia"and "Bahasa Sasak". Many people also speak basic English and it's no problem for the traveler to communicate his needs. The inhabitants' main source of income in South Lombok is fishing and pearl farming (South Lombok's pearl farms are the main exporter of quality pearls in Indonesia).

Dive Calendar

Our dive shops are located in three unique regions of South Lombok, therefore we want to support your travel planning with our dive calendar.

For the detailed calendar click here, or feel free to
Contact us for current info!

Best times for diving…

Sekotong - here you'll find relaxed, colorful reef diving from the beginning of April until the end of December. Due to the rainy season,
we close from January
until the 1st of March. 

Belongas Bay - from November until April
the conditions are fairly
mild, and you'll find less challenging and pristine diving. From June until October the conditions
are quite rough, and
best time for diving
with hammerheads

Kuta Bay - from November until April the conditions in Kuta are quite mild and
you'll find relaxed diving
at pristine reefs. June to October the conditions
are unstable and better
suited for surfing.

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