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Diving Lombok, South Lombok Macro

Macro Hunting in South Lombok…

Lombok Diving and South Lombok MacroThis week in South Lombok has not been the best week for the visibility but that has not stopped the boys going on a super macro hunt! Lots has been spotted this week like this little painted frogfish running around on the sand, most people know about the lure on the frogfishes’ head and how uses it to catch its pray. But did you know that they also can change almost any color have even seen a dark purple one (which is probably my favorite at the moment). Also, this week we had Alice from the U.K. join us for a few dives and help in the hunt for the cool macro. She ended up having some awesome dives with Munahir finding frogfish, Ambon scorpion fish, millipede, nudibranchs, Harlequin shrimp, Mimic octopus and lots more.

This week has been both exciting in the water and out with huge storms and massive rain and epic show of force from mother nature. A few trees have fallen over and the roads have turned in to rivers, don’t worry though life has gone on with no accidents and every one carrying on despite the weather.

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