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Lombok offers three very different dive destinations. Namely, the South Gili’s, just off of Sekotong. Also in the south, Belongas Bay. Not to forget, the fabled Gili Islands. The later being in North Lombok. Notably the South Gili’s offer relaxed reef diving around un-touched islands. Additionally, most likely here you’ll be the only divers on the site. Belongas Bay offers advanced adrenaline dives. With seasonal pelagic like Hammerhead sharks being regular. Apart from these also schooling Mobula Rays and fantastic reefs.

Then of course,  Gili Islands, diving Gili Air not only means diving Gili Air. Foremost it also means to dive Gilis. So come and enjoy a relaxed tropical atmosphere. Additionally diving Gili Air is for all levels of experience. Therefore it’s excellent or beginner divers and dive courses! So come see what diving Lombok and diving Gili Air is about. Dive one of our locations around Lombok or dive it all!

The South Lombok locations are somewhat remote. Nevertheless, a great place to get away from it all. Gili Air being more lively.  If you’re diving Gili Air you’ll find a well balanced mix. Here is a great place for a enjoyable dive vacation.

Gili Air – Gili Air is a charming little island with palm fringed sandy beaches. But also a seriously laid back life. Diving Gili Air is perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. White sandy beaches, palm trees and a relaxed atmosphere. This is what creates the ambiance of this quiet and small island.

The South Gili’s – Sekotong, a tropical little place with only a few island resorts. Here there are not a lot of topside goings-on. Mostly enjoyed are snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. Our Lombok island resorts are quite perfect for couples and families. Someone who just wants to relax and enjoy the southern Gili’s.

Belongas Bay – Diving “The Magnet”, is where misconceptions about diving South Lombok come from. Diving the “Magnet and “Cathedral” are truly challenging Lombok dive sites. These are reserved for the more experienced diver. We have several pre-requisites for diving here due to the challenging conditions.

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