Discovering new Gili Island Divesites

On the look-out for new Gili Dive Sites This week diving the Gili Islands we certainly been moving on with our free pool try dives at Villa Karang Resort on Gili Air. We now have been in the water almost all week with newbies along with divers that had been away from diving for a year

Not only diving Gili Islands…

Gili Islands, scuba diving and more On Gili Trawangan it is best to take a bicycle, which you are able to rent practically everywhere. All the same, often the resorts have got their private bicycle rental. Make sure to carry a lock, as well as put it to use, if you want to stop somepl

Gili Islands History

Gili Islands Historical past For a short time period in the 2nd world war, occupying Japanese soldiers utilized the Gili islands for a lookout post and also prisoner of war camp. Relics out of this time contain the remnants of a bunker on the hill of Gili Trawangan along with the wrec

Night Diving Gili Air

Gili Air Night Diving Scuba diving the Gilis we now have carried out our very first night dive on our house reef in the front of Villa Karang Gili Air, and just what an amazing new Gili dive experience for all of us, not only for the student Cedrik also for me. The dive was guided by

Turtle Heaven diving Gili Islands

Gili Island Turtle Heaven In the North Gili Islands yet again we certainly have been getting swarmed with Turtle’s. It truly is practically 99% certain that you are going to come across one or more while diving the Gili Islands. Typically, we see from 5, varying hawksbill as well as G

Color and beauty of the Gili Islands reefs

Colorful Gili Islands reefs Scuba diving the Gilis we now have recently been witnessing the color as well as natural beauty returning to the reefs around the Gili Islands. The North Gilis haven’t been perceived as renowned for their colorful, unspoiled coral reefs as a result of

Memorable moments diving Gili Islands

Memorable moments diving Gilis Mantis Shrimp appear to be the memorable moment diving Gili islands this week. They are definitely all over the dive sites around the Gili Islands, we virtually spot no less than one on each dive, but this week they appear to have taken over the Gili div

Staying on Gili Islands

Staying on the Gili Islands (Gilis) Gili Trawangan is the biggest as well as most substantially developed of the three Gili islands. Affectionately called Gili T it possesses the biggest amount of guesthouses, resorts and also hotels and also more than enough pubs and beach bars to at

Getting ready for diving Gili Islands

Ready for diving Gilis Getting ready for diving Gili Islands we now have begun our moving to our Gili Air PADI Dive Resort. Our equipment room is filled, our 2nd boat is in the water and well equipped, seats 25-30 divers for fun diving and courses around the Gilis, truly an incredibly

Gili Air Resort Villa Karang

Gili Air PADI Dive Resort, Villa Karang Villa Karang Resort and Restaurant – Gili Air, is positioned at one of probably the most gorgeous Gili islands of the region, merely 5 kilometers from Lombok. Found on the southwest coastline of Gili Air, directly on the ideal beachfront looking
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