Scuba Diving Senggigi is actually great…

Amazing and surprising Senggigi diving Coming from diving South Lombok me and my buddy made our way up to Senggigi where we were told we could also check out diving Senggigi. We had heard that hardly any Lombok dive center shops dive Senggigi, but that DiveZone has been out exploring

Awesome Gili Air Diving…

What Gili Island diving is all about We went to go dive Gili Air and stayed at Villa Karang, a beach-side resort, relaxed and with very friendly staff. The Divezone team met us at the reception and then we went over to the dive shop in front of the hotel. It wasn’t so busy so we had 3

Scuba Diving Gilis at Biorock

Tiny little box fish diving Gili Islands Scuba diving Gili Islands this week the sea seems to have lastly calmed down compared to our Gili diving experience of recently. For a little more than a than a week or so we had major waves, powerful currents and also visibility of 10-15 meter

Experience The Marine Life of Gili Air

Experiencing Gili Air scuba diving Lombok is home to a diverse and rich marine wildlife. This makes the areas around the Gili island perfect for scuba diving, especially diving Gili Air. Dive Gili Air and the Gili Islands with us so you can see for yourself the beautiful underwater wo

New Gili Dive Site “Secret Gili Islands”

Discovering “Secret Gili Islands” Scuba diving Gili Islands this week we now have stumbled on a brand new Gili dive site! Sure enough without a doubt, it happened unintentionally since we previously had planned on diving east along the Gili Air frog fish point, but at the time a curre

Gili Islands Diving

Discover Scuba Diving Gili Islands For anyone who does not know Scuba Diving Gili Islands, well this is your opportunity. Discover excitement in Scuba Diving Gili Islands and diving Gili Islands. Whether north or south, one would certainly experience diving Lombok once they engage in

Big wind and waves around the Gili Islands

Gili Islands wind and waves, but still cool diving Scuba diving Gili Islands this week the wind as well as waves surely have picked up during the last couple of days yet the scuba diving around the Gilis carried on. The visibility is still around 8-15 meters. The Gili Islands are ofte

Free Scuba Try-Out at Villa Karang Resort on Gili Air

Free Scuba Try-Out on Gili Air This week diving the Gili Islands we certainly been moving forward with our free pool try dives at Villa Karang Resort on Gili Air. We now have been in the water almost all week with newbies along with divers that had been away from diving for a year or

Getting to the Gili Islands

Getting to the Gili Islands With Lombok’s international airport located in Central Lombok, Praya Lombok, the speed boat providers servicing the Gili islands are a preferred method to traveling by air, offering quick and uncomplicated transfers directly to the Gilis. You can find a wid

Gili Islands, Gili Air or Gili Trawangan

Gili Islands, Gili T. or Gili Air Gili Air is the nearest to the mainland of Lombok which enables it to be accessed in around twenty minutes by public boat or even five minutes by speedboat. Because it is the nearest of the Gili islands to the mainland, Gili Air possesses the biggest
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