PADI Divemaster Internship

PADI Divemaster Internship, experience of a life-time Do you take pleasure in scuba diving? Wish to share this with other scuba divers on a completely new scale? Embark on the PADI Divemaster internship and accomplish precisely that. Scuba divers respect a Divemaster because they are

South Gili Cuttle Fish

Amazing variety of marine life, South Lombok While diving the South Lombok dive sites we’ve been seeing quite a lot of cuttle fish in various sizes, some really huge examples, but some so small you wouldn’t believe. Cuttle fish are some of my most favorite creatures around the South G

Juvenile Cuttle Fish South Gilis

Juvenile Cuttle Fish at South Gilis dive sites So this week scuba diving South Gilis we seemingly have a significant increase in juvenile Cuttle fish. In a single dive at our South Gilis dive site “The Sands” we discovered between 10 and 15 of them. Watching these creatures by no mean

PADI Rescue Diver

PADI Rescue Diver, most challenging, most satisfying The Rescue Diver scuba certification is the scuba diving certification following the Advanced Open Water Diver scuba diving certification (AOWD). Prior to now this scuba certification was understood as a specific “specialty

South Gili Nudibranch Diving

Nudibranchs, really cool, simple, yet so gorgeous Diving South Gilis with nudibranchs all over the place this week, absolutely astounding. Scuba diving our South Lombok dive site we’ve been spotting loads and loads of nudibranchs in all shapes and sizes with amazing colors and details

PADI Advanced Dive Course

Maximize your scuba fun – PADI AOWD After your PADI Open Water dive course the subsequent scuba diving certification is the PADI Advanced Diver. Completing your AOWD scuba certification on Gili Air is a great way to maximize your scuba fun and Gili dive holiday as during the PAD

Ready to dive Gili Air

Gili Air diving is starting up This week here on Gili Air we certainly have started to become busy. Our Gili Air dive resort is practically finished as well as is looking fantastic, actually a huge space after the debris had been cleaned up. You can now easily imagine what it will loo

Continue your dive education

Experience scuba diving to the fullest For aspiring scuba divers considering starting off, an open-water scuba diving certification would seem to be the objective at heart, however as anyone with their scuba diving certification can confirm, it’s really simply the beginning. An open-w

Dive Course Gili Air and South Lombok

PADI Open Water Diver certification – enjoy scuba diving Gilis and the world If perchance you’ve been thinking about getting your PADI scuba certification on Gil Air or in South Lombok and discover unsurpassed scuba diving adventure while experiencing the underwater world, now i

Join us for the 2nd annual PADI Women’s Dive Day

A year ago scuba divers worldwide came together to celebrate PADI’s very first Women’s Dive Day – and created history along the way! The event assembled thousands of scuba divers all over the world at over 335 special events. Don’t miss the most awesome celebration of the year! PADI W
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