Gili Islands Dive Course

PADI Dive Course Gilis Scuba diving Gili Islands can be so fun and enticing. It feels good to be in clear, warm blue water and to experience the marine environment first hand. Your PADI dive course prepares you to experience just that. Getting quality scuba diving lessons can be a bit

PADI Dive Course Gilis

Gili Islands PADI Dive Course PADI dive course Gili Islands will give you professional and safe scuba diving enjoyment as well as well-versed PADI Instructors. Our PADI 5* Dive Resort on Gili Air is a dedicated career development center, offering chances to all individuals, regardless

PADI Dive Course on the Gili Islands

The PADI Dive Course Gilis If you are a diving fanatic, you’ve probably witnessed the divers jump off from those amazing springboards, make two or more turns, and several twists before entering into the water, either by a splash or without a splash. Have you ever wondered why they are

Scuba Certification Gilis

How to Become a Certified Scuba Diver As a result of the ever growing media coverage throughout the years featuring our ocean environment an ever increasing audience would like to attain their first experience to witness of the splendor as well as adventure that lies beneath the seas.

Gilis Wreck Dive

Wreck Diving around Gili T Scuba diving Gili Air this week we decided to have a look at the recently sunk wreck. Earlier this year a new Gili Island dive site was created by sinking the “Glen Nusa”. You can dive the wreck north west of Gili T, close to the Gili dive site Shark Point.

AOWD Dive Course Misconceptions

Advanced Open Water Diver course,minimal classroom time Misconception 1 – I haven’t become a diver until recently; I’m not able to end up being an “advanced” diver The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification is designed for scuba divers who wish to acquire additional in-water exp

Diving With The Stars South Gili

Diving South Gilis with the stars Scuba diving South Lombok with the celebrities this week. We had the team from Metro TV diving South Gilis and filming a show “your trip your adventure”. All of our crew were extremely thrilled and excited as the stars of the film reached South Lombok

South Lombok Moray Eels

Diving the South Lombok with Yellow Margin Moray Diving the southern Gilis we see a lot of Moray Eels, and all their huffing and puffing can sometimes frighten the more novel members of our diving community. But in fact all the huffing and puffing is merely how moray eels move water o

Hairy Frog Fish South Lombok

Hairy Frog Fish at “THE SANDS” Hairy frog fish at “The Sands” this week while scuba diving the southern Gilis with my best friends James and Jules from the U.K. We experienced a genuinely fantastic dive at our South Gili muck dive site “The Sands” with our lead dive master Munahir. We

Diving Gili Air getting busy

Squat Lobsters fun while diving Gili Air We have been busy, busy and busier getting ready for diving the Gili Islands! Now our equipment room is done and stocked, the pool is pretty much finished and signage everywhere. All in time for starting the Gili diving season and all good to w
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