Banded sea snakes diving Gili Islands

Banded sea snakes around the Gili dive sites While Gili Islands diving this week we’ve spotted loads of banded sea snakes around the Gili dive sites. In general, we used to spot them quite often at the different Gili dive sites, but for the last few weeks they haven’t really come arou

Consider Diving Gili Islands

What to Consider Diving Gili Islands Diving Gilis has developed as an ideal activity for those who seek adventure and tropical atmosphere. It is also favored by those who wish to escape from the crowded cities for some fun, or those who simply want to experience an island holiday. The

Gili Islands diving for scuba junkies

Diving Gilis, Gili Islands diving for scuba junkies Go diving Gilis as experienced and amateur divers alike have made Gili Islands diving their passion and thanks to the prevailing weather conditions and an array of services that are available diving Gilis is open to everyone. Diving

Gili Island Diving, a scuba hot spot

Gili Island Diving, a hot spot for cool dive experiences Diving Gilis is the perfect spot for a relaxing and fun dive holiday, for one due to the all-year-round water temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and blue, clear water, for another the professional PADI Dive Resorts that operate d

Diving Gilis with Hammerheads

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Hammerhead while diving Gili Islands Diving Gilis this week we have had a huge surprise while Gili Island diving around Manta Point, we actually spotted a Scalloped Hammerhead, read right a Hammerhead! While we were diving Gilis he was cruising around at the Gili Islands dive site Man

Access to Gili Island Diving

Easy Access to Gili Island Diving Diving Gili Islands you can find friendly and skilled dive centers and PADI Dive Resorts situated on the seashores of Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan, tiny heaven islands just off the north-west coast of Lombok. Getting to Gili Islands diving i

Diving Gilis for scuba enthusiasts

Gili Islands diving, diving Gilis for scuba enthusiasts Diving Gilis is one of the greatest outdoor activities you can participate in especially if you are in need of an adventurous and enjoyable experience. Diving Gilis, or enjoying any diving experience, means that you should have p

Gilis Islands diving, Turtles Galore

Gili Islands diving, welcome to the turtle capital When diving Gilis you will soon discover that the Gilis consist of the islands Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, the Gili Islands are one of those locations you think only exist in dreams and postcards. Well, now you can make th

PADI Dive Course Gilis, Gili Air

PADI Dive Course Gilis Get your gear on and take a dive into a new adventure! PADI Dive Course Gilis, a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can explore new horizons and discover the underwater magic while diving Gili Islands. Located at one of the most majestic locations in the In

Gili Air PADI Dive Course

PADI Dive Course Gili Air Scuba diving Gili Islands is one of the best scuba diving experiences available around Lombok, with your Gili Islands dive course you can experience the same. Our PADI dive course offers different levels and takes as little time as just four hours where you w
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