Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish while Diving Gili Islands

Ornate ghost pipe fish, beautiful creatures indeed. Diving Gili islands last week the sea was calm, clear and flawless for diving. The water temperature at the Gili dive sites drop a little bit, we were averaging around 29C, but now we’re more around 27C-28C. While Gili Islands diving

Bobbit Worms at Gili Dive Sites

Diving Gili Islands – Bobbit Worm Recently while diving Gili Islands at Meno Slope we spotted or first large elongated worm. This worm is the same family as the Bobbit worm but it’s still classed “undetermined” (has the scientific name “Eunice”). Thanks to the “eagle eyes” of ou


SOUTH GILI EXPLORATION – DIVE THE LOMBOK STRAIT Exciting exploration diving around the southern Gili Islands. Explore untouched regions of the southern Gilis and discover new, pristine dive sites around South Lombok. Dive the Lombok Strait and explore as well as name new colorful reef


DIVE 2 OCEANS – DIVE THE INDONESIAN THROUGHFLOW Dive the Pacific- and Indian Ocean during an exciting 2-day exploration adventure! The diving starts at the Southern Gili Islands and the trip will take you around the tip of Lombok to Belongas Bay. Fantastic scenery, pinnacles and adven

Diving Gilis, Underwater BFFs

Also underwater there are BFFs…. We have been going out diving Gili Islands every day and visited quite a few of the Gili Islands dive sites this week. Diving Gilis around Gili T. the sightings of White tip reef sharks, black tips and Jacks happen quite often, and white tip reef shark

Gili Islands Diving with Big Waves

Big Waves, great Gili Islands diving fun… Diving Gili Islands this week, we had quite strong southerly winds causing high waves in the afternoons. On a few days we were limited to the Gili dive sites to the north of the islands, but still we had some good Gili diving fun. The Gi

Diving Southern Gilis, Awesome Dive Sites

Astounding South Lombok Diving Diving South Lombok, the southern Gilis, this week we’ve seen some amazing stuff on some awesome dives. We’ve had some astounding dives at the South Lombok dive sites with very regular sightings of scorpion fish, bob tail squid, sea horses, painted frog

Sneaky Sea Snakes Diving Belongas Bay

Diving Belongas Bay, Sneaky Sea Snakes Diving South Lombok, Belongas Bay, this week the sea has been great with pretty much no current, a few small waves, 25m visibility and lots of sneaky sea snakes swimming around. While diving Belongas Bay we do get quite a lot of sea snakes, espec

Gili Islands Diving Experience

 Experience Gili Islands Diving Fun Scuba Diving Gilis we have been doing try dives with the boat crew this week!! It’s been awfully fun, somewhat challenging here and there, but very well worth the while. A great team building experience, as well as being great for the crew working a

PADI Dive Course Gili Islands

“Scuba Diver” – experience Gili Island diving While Gili Islands diving this week we had loads of PADI dive course, 8 PADI Scuba Diver courses and a huge handful of DSDs. Scuba diving Gili Air we find all kinds of different travelers diving Gilis with us, from families on short
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