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Training Local Lombok Diving Talent

Local Divemaster Training South Lombok… Dive Master training is about to commence for our Two Staff Mr. Munahir (or moon as most know him) and Mr. Ipan. Both of our boys are ready but also a little nervous as it is going to test some of their weaker areas such as physics, physio

Now open, our new Lombok Dive Resort

Our new South Lombok Dive Resort… This week in Sekotong, south Lombok has been a quite one for diving with us going around getting on with some of the general maintenance and preparing for our move to our new South Lombok Dive Resort! We had a nice surprise at the end of this week wit

Worthwhile South Lombok Diving

The Ornate strikes back… As many of you know last year was not the best as far as water temperatures go seeing an average water temperature of 28/29 degrees Celsius. In the South Lombok we were quite lucky in that are corals are very resilient and had very little coral bleaching

Fun South Lombok Diving

It’s All Fun and Games… Everyone who knows the boys here in South Lombok knows that there is never a dull moment. As you can see in the picture there have been some running races on the surface intervals with our captain Solihn coming out in front. The South Lombok/Belongas team

Diving Lombok, South Lombok Macro

Macro Hunting in South Lombok… This week in South Lombok has not been the best week for the visibility but that has not stopped the boys going on a super macro hunt! Lots has been spotted this week like this little painted frogfish running around on the sand, most people know about th

Celebrate Lombok’s Birthday

Happy Birthday West Lombok This month in South Lombok we had a huge celebration for the birthday of West Lombok. The event took place on the 22nd but has been a week of activity with the local schools involved in a project to teach them the importance of the local environment. They co

South Lombok Dive Course

Big Course Action South Lombok… This week in South Lombok has been absolutely crazy with a huge group of students, 16 in total. With mainly kids in the group it has took a lot of planning and organization luckily we had Kuss from Gili Air and Anh-vu from Amed come over to give us a ha

Discovering New Belongas Bay Dive Sites

Discovering New Belongas Bay Dive Sites An amazing day special thanks to jay for coming down to join us in scouting these new Belongas Bay dive sites and we all are looking forward to the next adventure and with the special explorations trips we have for the moment [crazy low prices]

Gili Islands Dive Sites with Albino Ribbon Eels

Gili Islands Dive Sites – Albino Ribbon Eels Diving Gilis this week we’ve been seeing quite a lot of Ribbon Eels. We usually spot them at a few of the Gili dive sites, but during this week we had them pretty much on every Gili dive site that we dove. We’ve spotted black and yell

Exploring Belongas Bay Dive Sites

Exploring Belongas Bay Dive Sites Diving Belongas Bay we have now been exploration diving and looking for new awesome Belongas Bay dive sites. We wanted to check out the rumors as well as the spectacular pinnacles and impressing rock formations along the South Lombok coastline and see
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