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Training Local Lombok Diving Talent

Local Divemaster Training South Lombok…

Divemaster Internship LombokDive Master training is about to commence for our Two Staff Mr. Munahir (or moon as most know him) and Mr. Ipan. Both of our boys are ready but also a little nervous as it is going to test some of their weaker areas such as physics, physiology and their general English skills. We are going to start sometime next week with a rescue re-cap then on to the Dive Master training.

As some of you may know our fearless dive guide Moon is also our lead dive guide for Belongas, supervisor for all the dive guides, equipment technician and compressor mechanic. Moon always enjoys a challenge making him one of our most ambitious and hardest working employees. He has always said that one of his favorite things about Belongas (After the Hammerheads and Mobula rays) is the challenge of navigating the ever-changing currents of the magnet and the epic topography in the area. Mr. Ipan has over the last year gaining training and experience in the Belongas so that this year he will not only become a dive master but a dive guide for the Belongas area.

Ipan is one of the jokers of our team and its never a boring day with him around but don’t let him fool you as he has high hopes and ambitions of becoming an instructor and flying even higher. Doing the dive master course with the boys presents its own problems as the materials needed do not come in Indonesian but no worries with lots of lectures, diagrams from me and help from our Indonesian instructor Kuss doing some translation for the boys it shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck to the boys and keep a look out for the updates on their Dive Master course.

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