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Worthwhile South Lombok Diving

The Ornate strikes back…

Lombok macro divingAs many of you know last year was not the best as far as water temperatures go seeing an average water temperature of 28/29 degrees Celsius. In the South Lombok we were quite lucky in that are corals are very resilient and had very little coral bleaching.

But what we did see was that certain species like the ornate ghost pipe fish, the giant frog fish and the pygmy sea horse became something that we didn’t see so often, but don’t despair since we have had already more than 10 sightings last month of the ornate and a few of the pygmy and the giant frog fish. It can quite disheartening when something like this happens but there is always a silver lining the boys here spent time looking to locate the missing marine life and in the process found South Lombok dive sites where we now regularly find harlequin shrimp, spiny tiger shrimp, Ambon scorpion fish, Wonderpus and a place to see the mandarin fish all day.

The return of the ornate (sorry for all the star wars puns) sparks hope for an amazing season here in South Lombok.

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