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Discovering New Belongas Bay Dive Sites

Discovering New Belongas Bay Dive Sites

Finding new Belongas Bay dive sitesAn amazing day special thanks to jay for coming down to join us in scouting these new Belongas Bay dive sites and we all are looking forward to the next adventure and with the special explorations trips we have for the moment [crazy low prices] there should be lots to come see you beneath the surface.

New Belongas Bay Dive site 2 (also here no new name yet), we heard a rumor of a sunken island inside the bay and decide to check it out as an alternative dive site when the conditions are very rough. We pull up to the sunken island with only the captains word that it’s there as the visibility was very poor. We enter from the boat only to find out that we are only 2 meters from the bottom, so surface swim to where the reef drops off and descend. As we hit 2 meters we punch through the vis and this Belongas dive site opens up into a sandy slope with corals we are not used to seeing, we descend on to the slope with little hope that we were going to find something special [we were just happy to get wet] and were immediately slapped in the face by the sighting of a thorny sea horse. And the sightings just kept coming stone fish, a flat head as big as my arm, nudis and some amazing coral life. But we had to cut the dive short as after 2 deep dives and a long journey back to base at Belongas Bay left us with little time. But we all can’t wait to get more eyes over there to see what jewels this murky sunken island is hiding!!! A very calm shallow Belongas Bay dive site, a nice end to our day after the deeper colder dives.



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