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Gili Islands Dive Sites with Albino Ribbon Eels

Gili Islands Dive Sites – Albino Ribbon Eels

Diving Gili Dive sites with Ribbon EelsDiving Gilis this week we’ve been seeing quite a lot of Ribbon Eels. We usually spot them at a few of the Gili dive sites, but during this week we had them pretty much on every Gili dive site that we dove. We’ve spotted black and yellow Ribbon Eels and then at other Gili dive sites the occasional albino Ribbon Eel, these mostly at the Gili Air dive site Frogfish Point.

The Ribbon Eels are usually quite shy and prefer to hide in holes when you get close, nevertheless, hovering above their little hideouts for a while can bring them back out. Really cool, it’s not so often that we get the possibility to see how long they actually are as it’s very rare that we can see them swimming around in the open.

The sea has been very calm at the Gili dive sites, hardly any current and very clear with great vis. Quite different to a little while ago where we were dealing with strong currents and mediocre vis at the Gili dive sites.

Apart from the Ribbon Eels we’ve been enjoying a lot of Turtles, mantis shrimps, Bluefin trevally, rainbow runners, bat fish, cuttle fish and quite a few octopus at the Gili Islands dive sites. Also, had got quite lucky and had a few Eagle rays cruising around the Gili Air dive site, Air wall. Can’t wait for the start of the Manta Season January/February in the coming year. I’ll be sure to cruise the Gili Dive sites on the lookout for them as soon as it starts.

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