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Exploring Belongas Bay Dive Sites

Exploring Belongas Bay Dive Sites

Finding new Belongas Bay dive sitesDiving Belongas Bay we have now been exploration diving and looking for new awesome Belongas Bay dive sites. We wanted to check out the rumors as well as the spectacular pinnacles and impressing rock formations along the South Lombok coastline and see if we can’t open up some more spectacular diving Belongas Bay.

New Belongas Bay Dive site number 1 [sorry no name for it yet], we dive on to a rock formation different from the rest as it is made up of what looks like a lime stone mixed with something else. As we descend to around 30 meters we are immediately greeted by a rather large white tip reef shark and we cruise along the wall with its huge groves carved out of it by the waves and currents. As we pushed along the wall we are meet by some cool topography, pinnacles, walls and some boulders, not so much coral on this Belongas dive site but we found an abundance of marine life with big schools of bat fish, fusiliers, barracudas, more white tips and a big grey reef shark who came to say hello. All in all, a great dive at Belongas Bay with mild conditions but definitely one for the low season as it is open to the waves in the high season looking forward to doing a few more dives on it before naming it and putting it on the map.





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